European public procurement procedures

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You can rely that you will be in experienced hands when submitting a European public procurement tender via our Tender Desk.

  • Intermont has many years of experience with tenders.
  • We are familiar with all the procedural requirements applicable during tender procedures.
  • Intermont uses its experience to successfully match supply and demand.
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A success rate of more than 80%!

Intermont’s extensive experience of tendering processes in general and European public procurement procedures in particular enables us to effectively analyse the risk information available and ask the right questions during the tender process. Our attention to the finer points involved contribute to our high success rate.

European public procurement specialist in the following areas:

  • Property
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Income
  • Liability
  • Transport
  • Accidents

Intermont monitors European developments in the field of mandatory tenders. This enables us to respond quickly to developments and deliver tailor-made products.

The steps involved in a procurement procedure

  • 1
    The invitation to tender is published
  • 2
    Questions are asked, summary of additional information and changes
  • 3
    If necessary questions are asked in a second summary of additional information and changes
  • 4
    Tenders are submitted
  • 5
    The contract is awarded. A second phase will follow in the event of a private tender

How our Tender Desk facilitates risk carriers

  • It identifies new public procurement opportunities
  • It is familiar with all of the various procurement platforms
  • It identifies all relevant periods and deadlines
  • It contributes to strategic thinking on procurements and insurance
  • It is fully up-to-date on legislation and regulations
  • It asks questions strategically and may also ask additional questions
  • It completes the tender documents required and implements all necessary quality aspects
  • If necessary, it opposes an award decision

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