Employee benefits

Security in the event of illness or invalidity

Our employee-benefit range allows us to offer security to employers and employees alike.

  • Good fringe benefits for your employees.
  • You can insure your employer risk of illness and invalidity (min 2 persons).
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Look no further for great insurance solutions

Illness and invalidity can have a huge impact on both employers and employees. Our insurance solutions protect your organisation and employees from the financial consequences of situations like these.

Our products

We offer a number of health and invalidity insurance products:
  • WIA basic pension
  • WGA shortfall follow-up benefit
  • WGA income-supplement insurance
  • WIA top-up pension
  • WIA basic-scheme pension
  • WGA own-risk bearer insurance
  • Sick leave insurance, conventional
  • Group accident insurance

Xpert Suite

When you take out insurance with Intermont, you will gain access to our Xpert Suite platform.

It has been designed to make the administration process sustainable and innovative and also to take the pressure off the employer as much as possible.

In the Xpert Suite, employers can easily:

  1. view their own data
  2. add or remove employees or update data
  3. download claim specifications
  4. report employee illness or recovery
  5. pass on retroactive settlement data

Who to contact for more information

Please contact us if you would like more information about our employee benefit insurance or about the Expert Suite digital platform.