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What is an authorised underwriting agent?

An authorised underwriting agent is a professional, financial service provider that has the authority (‘authorisation’) to act directly on behalf of one or more insurers. An authorised underwriting agent does almost everything that an insurer does too.

However, by law, an authorised underwriting agent does not bear any financial risks. An authorised underwriting agent obtains a licence from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM)).

An authorised underwriting agent is a financial service provider with one important added value – its authorisation(s) – which enable it to provide you with a better, faster service.

How do I know whether a financial service provider is an authorised underwriting agent?

You can usually find this information on its letterhead or website. Alternatively, take a look at your policy: if a policy or contract has been signed by the financial service provider and not the insurance company, you are almost definitely dealing with an authorised underwriting agent.

You could also check the register of financial service providers on

What do I do if I want to submit claim?

As an authorised underwriting agent, the financial service provider will arrange the entire claim itself. This is an advantage if you appreciate good, fast and personal service without bureaucratic delays.

Does an authorised underwriting agent provide tailor-made products too?

Whether you want to insure a car, vehicle fleet, residential property or a factory complex, the authorised underwriting agent is a professional that will be able to provide the right financial product for your needs in combination with a broker.

Besides insurers’ standard products, an authorised underwriting agent is also able to offer its own tailor-made underwriting-agency product. It can adjust the price or conditions of a standard company product itself.

An underwriting agent can also put together a new financial product in cooperation with the broker, if that would be better given your situation. The name of the authorised underwriting agent is often stated at the top of a policy like this.

An underwriting agent can also develop a new financial product itself, which it then markets under its own name. An underwriting agent’s own underwriting-agency product is its ‘own brand’.

How can I see if I have an underwriting-agency product?

That’s very easy. If you do, the policy or contract will have been signed by the underwriting agent. The underwriting agent will do this on behalf of one or more insurance companies they represent. These are the risk carriers and are named separately in the policy or contract.

If there is more than one risk carrier, their share in the risk will be stated. You will see the following in an insurance policy, for example: 50% insurance company X, 30% insurance company Y and 20% insurance company Z.

Is an underwriting-agency product just as good as a company product?

Yes, because the risk carriers involved are always well-known companies. However, you will deal with just one trusted service provider when applying for insurance, managing your policy and settling a claim: the underwriting agent.

Will I have to pay an authorised underwriting agent extra for its services?

No additional costs are charged. The underwriting agent’s fee is factored into the premium.

Does the underwriting agent charge costs?

When you take out insurance via one of our brokers, they may charge you a policy fee. You will find this fee on the site of the broker.

How independent is an underwriting agent?

An underwriting agent will have been issued with an authorisation by one or more insurers. It is authorised to act independently for them. However, it is not obliged to place financial products with these parties.

In principle, an underwriting agent will offer you an underwriting-agency product if this product is appropriate for you. This will enable it to manage every aspect of the service provided.

Can I safely place my business with an authorised underwriting agent?

Definitely! An underwriting agent meets all the requirements set by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten (Afm)). Added to this, insurers that grant an authorisation to a financial underwriting agent set extra conditions in respect of professional competence, transparency and integrity.

All authorised underwriting agents are members of the Financial Services Complaints Tribunal (Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening), P.O. Box 93257, 2509 AG The Hague (see

The De Raetsheren van Orden Groep B.V. is the only shareholder of Intermont Assuradeuren B.V. Intermont Assuradeuren B.V. operates entirely independently of the other operating companies in the group.

To avoid any conflicting interests, we comply with the quality standards of the Netherlands Association of Authorised Underwriting Agents (Nederlandse Vereniging van Gevolmachtigde Agenten (NVGA)), Article 1.1.



What is a complaint?
    1. A complaint is any sign of dissatisfaction from a customer, even if the complaint is resolved straight away.

You should also be aware that the Raetsheren van Orden Groep B.V. is affiliated to the Financial Services Complaints Tribunal (Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening). You can approach this independent complaints tribunal if you feel that we have not responded to your complaint to your satisfaction.


Financial Services Complaints Tribunal
P.O. Box 93257
2509 AG The Hague
070 – 355 2248

What should I do if I have a complaint?

Complaints tribunal

We will always do our very best to provide you with the excellent service you deserve. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are not satisfied. Address your letter to Management, Arcadialaan 36 c/d, 1813 KN Alkmaar. We will confirm receipt of your complaint within five working days and also set out how we intend to settle your complaint to your satisfaction as soon as possible.

The procedure:

  1. We will send you a confirmation within two working days of receiving your letter.
  2. Management will immediately discuss your complaint internally with the individuals concerned and investigate the background of your complaint. If your complaint relates to the actions of one or more people and you do not want your complaint to be discussed with him/her/them, please state this explicitly in your letter.
  3. You will be contacted after the discussion above has taken place. The procedure applicable from that point on will be discussed with you at this time too.
  4. After this telephone call, you will receive a letter confirming everything discussed.
  5. If necessary, Intermont Assuradeuren B.V. will take action to resolve your complaint.
  6. A complaint will be deemed to have been settled if you have received a satisfactory answer or solution. Intermont Assuradeuren B.V. will do its utmost to settle your complaint properly, in accordance with the requirements of reasonableness and fairness and in line with the severity of the complaint.
  7. Our aim will be to settle your complaint as quickly as possible: within one month, in principle. If we are unable to settle your complaint on time, we will inform you of this well in advance and make other agreements with you.


How does Intermont Assuradeuren B.V. safeguard your privacy?

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What approach does Intermont Assuradeuren B.V. take to fraud?

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Does Intermont Assuradeuren B.V. charge a policy fee?

Intermont charges €5 policy costs.

How can I contact Intermont Assuradeuren B.V.?

There are various ways to contact us. You will find our contact information under ‘Contact’ on the website. We will contact you if you leave your details there.

What should I do if I have a claim?

You can report all claims to your intermediary + broker. Your broker will help you settle your claim. If you are in direct contact with Intermont, without using the services of an intermediary/broker, you can report claims via or by telephone on 072-711 34 44.