Construction all risk (CAR) insurance

Optimal flexibility when insuring risks for different construction projects

  • Various risk carriers have authorised Intermont to act as their underwriting agent.
  • We insure construction projects for municipalities, housing associations and companies.
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Experienced in every respect

Ensuring that construction projects are insured properly can be difficult. They often involve a large number of parties, all with their own contracts. Differences may also arise between the design and completion stages. The impact on the environment can be major too. Different types of loss and damage can be sustained during the construction process and may cause a project to overrun and generate extra costs. So, it is vital to properly establish the risks to be insured in advance.

This also makes a CAR insurance in general a complex product that will only provide the cover necessary with the right guidance from the broker and risk carriers. Our knowledge and experience play a big role here. The carrier behind Intermont trust us with their business for good reason.

CAR insurance via Intermont

Various risks carriers have authorised Intermont to accept CAR (Construction All Risk) insurance.
  • If a general insurance solution is insufficient, we will arrange a tailor-made solution in consultation with the broker.
  • Besides the construction work itself, liability and the existing property are covered in our CAR insurance policies too.
  • In principle, all of the parties involved in the construction of the object to be insured will be included in the policy.
  • The excess will be charged to the party responsible for the loss.
  • If recourse is possible, we will take this in hand.
  • Intermont has its own team of claims handlers.

The maximum construction period we are able to insure is 24 months per project, plus a maintenance period of 12 months. If a longer period of insurance is required, we will discuss this with our carriers.

Who to contact for more information

Brokers and risk carriers can contact us directly to find out more about the types of CAR insurance we are able to offer.

Individual insured should contact their brokers first.