Fleet services

Ultimate claims management

The Dutch insurance market has underperformed when it comes to fleet insurance for many years. It is very important to have a proactive prevention policy in place to keep the cost of claims under control and ensure that premiums continue to be attractive.

  • Tailor-made solutions reflect the size of the vehicle fleet.
  • We have internal and external prevention advisors at our disposal.
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Loss prevention

An insured’s vehicle fleet is one of its most important assets and an important part of its business process. There can be unfortunate consequences for the insured if damage puts a motor vehicle or motor vehicles out of use for an extended period.

We support and guide insured from reactive insurance to proactive management and to keeping loss frequency and the cost of claims under control. We do this via tailor-made solutions, which bear most material components and the moral aspect in mind. When considering the moral aspect, we make clear analyses of the driving behaviour of individual drivers.


Who to contact for more information?

If you are a risk carrier and would like more information about fleet prevention, please contact us.