Property insurance

One of the biggest providers of property insurance

We represent more than 10 risk carriers that accept the risks covered in property insurances.

  • Intermont represents a premium volume of more than € 40 million.
  • Intermont’s portfolio consists of both public-law and commercial property risks.
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You can rely on our expertise

Intermont has an excellent claims team with a second-to-none knowledge of the specific consequences of fire damage.

If fire damage happens, an independent firm of loss adjusters will examine the cause and extent of the damage.

The strength of Intermont

Your property insurance is in good hands with Intermont:
  • Intermont is a big player in European public procurement procedures because it is able to underwrite tenders for all brokers that are members of the Dutch Insurance Exchange Association (Vereniging Nederlandse Assurantie Beurs (VNAB)).
  • The insurance market has become tougher in recent years. Intermont is monitoring developments closely.
  • Intermont offers tailor-made solutions for specific target groups.
  • Intermont combines national and international capacity to be able to present customers with the most attractive proposals possible.

Conditions: in accordance with Dutch Bourse Policy against Property Damage and Loss of Profits (NBZB) or Dutch Bourse Comprehensive Insurance Policy (NBUG), plus specific conditions and clauses. The sum insured reflects actual risk, so it is important for the property in question to have been valued – unless agreed otherwise.

Who to contact for more information

Brokers and risk carriers can contact us directly to find out more about the types of fire insurance we are able to offer.

Individual insured should contact their brokers first.