Liability insurance

Intermont covers a wide range of liability risks!

Various risk carriers have authorised us to insure a wide range of liability risks

  • Our general liability insurance covers companies for property damage and personal damage to third parties and employees.
  • The risk of product liability and financial loss can be included in this type of insurance too.
  • Public authorities can insure their liability risks with Intermont as well.
  • Officers, supervisors and directors are subject to liability risks in the work they do. Intermont is able to provide comprehensive directors and officers cover for this liability.
  • Besides a general insurance solution, tailor-made products are possible in consultation with the broker too.
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Liability insurance for companies

We offer different levels of coverage under our general liability insurance:
  • Standard cover for product and employer’s liability.
  • Employees, agency workers, volunteers and trainees are covered under the policy.
  • Each loss event is covered as standard up to an amount of € 2,500,000. A maximum cover amount of € 5,000,000 applies per policy year.
  • Tailor-made products are possible in consultation with the broker.
  • The 2014 Dutch Bourse Liability Policy (Nederlandse Beurspolis voor Aansprakelijkheid (NBA)) often forms the basis for cover, supplemented by general and special conditions.

Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance

Our D&O liability insurance protects the private assets of officers, directors and supervisors against liability claims from third parties or the company itself.

This type of liability insurance covers current, former and future officers, directors and supervisors against internal and external liability claims.

D&O liability insurance is suitable for companies (private and public limited companies), associations, foundations and owners’ associations. Various companies have authorised us to provide this type of cover, which we always do in consultation with the broker.

The legal entity must be more than two years old and have no shareholders’ deficit when taking out the insurance. If there has been a loss in the last two years, this may not have been more than the company’s current shareholders’ equity. Bearing in mind that situations may sometimes be less straightforward, Intermont is always willing to consider individual dossiers and discuss any deviations from the two requirements above with the companies we represent.

The sums insured can vary between € 500,000 and € 5,000,000.

You can rely on our expertise

Any organisation could find itself being held liable for something at some stage. Whether valid or not, it will be vital to carefully analyse and assess all liability claims.

Intermont has skilled underwriting and claims teams. The underwriting team will try to identify potential risks in advance and also the extent to which they can be anticipated to avoid claims.

Unfortunately, claims are sometimes impossible to avoid. In situations like this, it will be essential to handle them appropriately.

If a loss-causing event happens, an independent surveyor will be brought in to determine the cause and the extent of the loss.

Liability insurance for public and semi-public institutions

The insurance policies that authorities and other public and semi-public institutions take out are nearly always tailor-made products. They cover the specific risks that these institutions face and are completely different to the insurance policies taken out by companies in the business sector. Intermont works with a team of specialists that have an in-depth knowledge and experience of risks within the public and semi-public domain.

Before issuing a proposal, we ask targeted questions that enable us to make a clear and extensive analysis of the risk profile and match supply and demand.

If a European public procurement procedure is initiated, Intermont is able to submit a tender on behalf of their risk carriers.

Who to contact for more information

Brokers and risk carriers can contact us directly to find out more about the types of liability insurance we are able to offer.

Individual insured should contact their brokers first.