Cargo insurance

For all types of transport

Intermont insures risks that could arise with any form of transport. For example, insurance that covers land-based equipment, other machinery and equipment and pleasure craft and also the transport of goods and liability for container trailers.

  • Intermont offers traditional cover with the possibility of tailor-made products in consultation with a broker.
  • Authorised to insure risks in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • A network of specialists that can step in quickly to help when something happens.
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You can rely on our expertise

Intermont has skilled underwriting and claims teams. They have a second-to-none knowledge of the specific risks inherent to the different types of transport.

If a loss-causing event happens, an independent firm of loss adjusters will be brought in to determine the cause and extent of the loss.

Intermont offers the following transport insurance solutions:

  • Goods in transit
  • Container and/or trailer
  • Transport and assembly
  • Art, items during exhibitions
  • Logistics liability
  • Owner-operator transport

Continuous coverage: conditions are often based on the Dutch Exchange Conditions (Nederlandse Beurscondities), supplemented by specific clauses.

Single cover: conditions are also often based on the Dutch Exchange Conditions, supplemented by specific clauses.

If English conditions are applied, this will be stated explicitly in the proposal.

The size of the sum insured will vary depending on the insured’s needs. The premium will depend on the risk profile, the insured sum, the excess chosen and the claims history.

Land-based equipment and/or machinery and equipment insurance

We are happy to arrange land-based equipment and/or machinery and equipment insurance for a pool of companies. The following aspects are important when determining the premium and/or conditions:
  • The size of the ‘fleet’ to be insured
  • The insured value
  • The claims history
  • The age of objects
  • The nature of activities
  • The excess

Intermont can insure the risk of damage to equipment and offer cover for liability risk. Intermont will also ensure that objects that are required to have a registration number are registered with the National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority (RDW).

The underwriting of risk will often involve a tailor-made solution, which Intermont will agree on in close consultation with the broker.

An independent firm of loss adjusters will always be brought in when loss happens. Intermont also has its own team of claims handlers with years of experience handling claims involving land-based equipment and other equipment and machinery.

Who to contact for more information

Brokers and risk carriers can contact us directly to find out more about the types of cargo insurance we are able to offer.

Individual insured should contact their brokers first.