Contact explanation

Read all about Intermont’s contact options and response times here.

How to contact Intermont

There are various ways to contact us. You will find our contact details in the menu and footer. Alternatively, submit your details to us via the contact form and we will contact you. Our office hours are from 08.30 hours to 17.00 hours. Outside office hours, we operate a telephone answering service. If you choose to be called back, one of our employees will contact you. Outside office hours, it is only possible to schedule a call back for the next working day.

How quickly do we respond?

When you call us, we will answer you as quickly as possible. You will speak to our telephonist initially. She will ensure that you are put through to an employee with the knowledge you need. In 99% of cases, you will have someone on the line within just 30 seconds. We guarantee that you will never have to wait more than one minute to speak to one of our employees. You can also arrange to be called back at a time convenient to you.

We will answer your question by e-mail or letter within a maximum of three working days. See a full overview of our response times here.

Sub process Income from group insurance General insurance 
Main process
Information about existing and new insurance Answers to questions and information requests 10 days 10 days
Acceptance of new insurance and changes Proposals issued 10 days 10 days
For existing insurance New insurance accepted and prepared 10 days 10 days
Changes to existing insurance processed 10 days 10 days
Termination request 10 days 10 days
Claims handled Claims and payment requests processed 10 days 10 days
Complaints handled Complaints handled 10 days 10 days